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Disability Insurance

Financial stability in tough times.

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What Is Disability Insurance?

How would you pay your bills if an accident or illness made it impossible for you to work? Many people do not have the proper coverage to protect them after an injury that leads to a disability. If you are self-employed, disability insurance is a particularly valuable product.
Disability insurance typically provides 50-60% of your pre-disability income. Most of today’s contracts emphasize retraining and rehabilitation benefits. The hope is to allow you to return to a productive lifestyle as soon as possible. Disability insurance may be part of an employee benefits package or purchased individually. Whatever your disability insurance needs, Musty-Barnhart Agency can assist you.

Long-Term Disability

If you become permanently disabled, long-term disability insurance can help provide income for you to pay your bills and afford necessities such as groceries.

Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability policies typically offer 1 and 3 year benefit periods. It covers monthly debts, such as car and home payments, during your recovery period from an illness or injury. Call one of our Minnesota and Wisconsin based agents for a free quote today!